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ARGUS Additive Plastics GmbH
Oberer Westring 3-7
33142 Büren

Telefon: +49 2951 9909-0
Telefax: +49 2951 9909-50


Information for forwarding agents and visitors

Download and print in this PDF file.

Please note the following times for incoming goods department and dispatch:

Monday until Thursday: 8am - 3pm
Friday: 8am - 2pm

Closeup of male hand holding telephone receiver while dialing a telephone number to make a call using a black landline phone. With retro filter effect.


  • Wearing of a warning vest and safety shoes.
  • Smoking prohibition on the entire company grounds, incl. inside vehicles.
  • Freight protection aid resources according to VDI 2700 ff. are to be made available on the part of the forwarding agency.
  • All pallets and packages cannot be stacked!



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Reporting channel in accordance with the Whistleblower Protection Act:

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