Additives – Adding Value to Plastics

Before plastics can be used by our customers, we add tailored additives in order to provide our masterbatches with the desired properties. In customer-specific formulations. In renowned ARGUS quality.

Light Stabilizers


Light stabilizers from sterically hindered amines or UV absorbers for various applications and polymer types to prevent ageing, yellowing and embrittlement and to protect characteristic performance and material properties.



Slow down the oxidative degradation of polymers by improving thermal stability. Long-term heat and processing stabilizers (or combinations of these) protect plastics during processing and in the final application.



Different single and combination batches from e.g. additives or fillers provide BOPP films with the desired properties or open up new technological possibilities for applications with promising potentials.

UV/IR Absorbers


Various additives, which absorb special radiation and act as radiant barriers that use special wavelengths.

Antistatic Agents


Prevent and reduce the electrostatic charge of plastics.



Fillers or extenders define the mechanical properties to improve the material.

Processing Aids


Improve the extrusion properties of the polymer melt (extrusion aid, rheology improver) and reduce the deposits on the extruder surface.

Slip Agents


Internal slip agents improve the rheology of the melt. External slip agents increase the smoothness and the surface gloss of the end product, reduce friction and improve the flow properties of the melt.

Nucleating Agents


Are used to accelerate the crystallization of plastics for more transparency and stiffness, to reduce the cycle time and to create uniform fine foam structures.



Masterbatches for the coloring of a wide range of plastic products.


Flame Retardants


Halogenated or halogen-free combinations of additives reduce or prevent the flammability or combustion of plastics by intervening either physically or chemically in the combustion mechanism. They comply both with European and US-American fire standards.

Cleaning Agents


Compounds for cleaning the extruder and tools when material and color are changed as well as for machine shutdown.

Additive Combinations


The combination of various groups of additives in a batch increases profitability. Optionally, you can also combine colors with different additives. Customized formulations are possible.

Antifogging Agents


Antifogging agents prevent the formation of water drips on the surface of packaging and agricultural films during condensation. The surface remains largely transparent as the condensing water creates a coherent film.

Antiblocking Agents


Create a micro-rough surface on e.g. films and thus a paper-thin air layer as a separation layer when putting the films on each other. This reduces the adhesion of a material to itself or other materials and improves slippage.



  • Antilaminates
  • Fiber-finishing agents
  • Bio-degradable and compostable
  • Tackifiers
  • Scents and flavors
  • Drying agents
  • Electrets
  • Melt modifiers
  • Hydrolysis protection
  • Hydrophilics
  • Hydrophobics
  • Laser sensitizers
  • Metal deactivators
  • Optical brighteners
  • Permanent antistatics
  • Products conform to Pharmacopeia standards
  • Photosynthesis selective systems
  • Acid inhibitors
  • Impact resistant modifiers
  • Special compounds
  • Foaming agent