new sustainability project: free company space becomes a unique biotope
16. August 2022

As part of a new environmental protection project, an area of approx. 4,000 m² on our company grounds was transformed into a unique orchard meadow. Extensive work on this has been started since the beginning of the year. In the future, a paradise for many animal and plant species as well as a seating area… Read more ›

ARGUS is sponsor at BOA Rocks concert in Büren
6. July 2022

BOArocks is back! After the pandemic-related cancellations in 2020 and 2021, a live concert started again this summer on 01.07.2022 in in Büren – ARGUS was there as a sponsor. After popular acts such as “The Hooters” and “Foreigner”, “THE BOSSHOSS” provided an unforgettable concert event on their summer tour this year. Around 4,000 visitors… Read more ›

New Photovoltaic system for the production of renewable energy
31. May 2022

The expansion of the renewable energy supply is progressing: In March 2021, another photovoltaic system was started up on the ARGUS grounds. Construction measures for the new B2 hall complex have already been in progress at the company headquarters on Oberer Westring in Büren since April 2020. Now the photovoltaic system is installed on it… Read more ›

Maximum stability with sustainable films: successful corporation with RKW Nordhorn
5. April 2022

“With the sustainable stretch hoods, we use efficient packaging that gives our pallets the stability they need and at the same time reinforces our commitment to climate protection,” says Sascha Hirsch, Managing Director of ARGUS Additive Plastics GmbH. Stretch hoods are subjected to enormous mechanical stresses and they help simplify goods logistics and ensure transport… Read more ›

ARGUS donates for refugees from Ukraine
22. March 2022

The shocking images from the war zone in Ukraine move us deeply these days and the solidarity and willingness to help the people affected by the war is enormous. We at ARGUS would also like to help the refugees from Ukraine and therefore decided last week to support the organisation e.V. in Büren. The… Read more ›