Since 01.01.2022, the entire production site of ARGUS Additive Plastics GmbH in Büren has been supplied with 100 % green electricity. The change to a sustainable energy supply is a commitment to more climate protection and sustainability. In terms of total energy requirements for electricity, heating, cooling and the internal transport systems (Scope 1 and 2), the use of green electricity will reduce CO2 emissions by 88 percent compared to 2021. Based on current production volumes, this corresponds to an annual saving of an estimated 3,300 metric tons of CO2.

Conventional electricity has been replaced by an energy supply based exclusively on renewable energy sources such as wind power, solar energy and biomass. In addition, ARGUS is operating two photo voltaic plants of its own, which generate an amount of electricity of approx. 280,000 KWh per year, most of which is used directly at the company's site. In this way, ARGUS is assuming its social responsibility and showing its support for renewable energies, especially since the production processes are very energy intensive. Despite the use of green electricity, one of our central corporate policies remains to sustainably reduce energy consumption in all areas. This is realized, for example, using energy-efficient process technology and the ongoing switch to dynamically controlled LED lighting systems. The changeover to green electricity is another important step in our commitment to sustainability and climate protection, which will be followed by further optimization activities for more sustainable processes and the reduction of the environmental footprint.