The shocking images from the war zone in Ukraine move us deeply these days and the solidarity and willingness to help the people affected by the war is enormous. We at ARGUS would also like to help the refugees from Ukraine and therefore decided last week to support the organisation e.V. in Büren.

The organisation, in cooperation with the forwarding company Kottmann, has already been able to send two transports with aid supplies from Büren to the Ukrainian border region. For the second transport, ARGUS agreed to take over the transport costs. In addition, a financial amount was donated to the organisation.

In addition, we launched an internal appeal for donations to our employees and were therefore able to donate two full pallets of material donations such as clothing, hygiene articles and food, which were loaded into the aid transport directly here on site. On 18.03.2022 the truck started from Büren and arrived on 21.03.2022 in the border region, the city of Przemysl in Poland. There, all aid supplies were unloaded and distributed to the reception camps according to need. Among other things, hygiene articles, baby articles and FFP2-masks were delivered. In addition to sleeping mats and air beds, the organisation also received 150 sleeping bags and electricity generators for a temporary hospital in Kiev.