“The environment concerns us all! – In keeping with this motto, ARGUS is once again supporting the project for flowering fields in the Bürener region to actively support the local protection of bees and insects.

The project, which is implemented by the association “The environment concerns us all”, was already a success last year: In 2020, 14,000 m² of agricultural land in the fields of Wewelsburg were transformed into a large flowering field. This created a paradise for wild bees and other insects. Many insects found ideal living conditions there. The projekt will start again in 2021 and will even be expanded. Every euro enables the creation of one square metre of flowering, bee-friendly land.

In addition, ARGUS provides its own areas on the company premises for insect protection. These include the bee hotels that have been in place since last year. The insect hotels are diligently used by bees as protected nesting sites. Insects such as ladybirds, butterflies, lacewings and other garden beneficial insects also live in the houses as overwintering help.

In addition to the bee hotels, ARGUS is expanding species protection on the company premises this year. Free areas are made available to a regional beekeeper, who now houses around 11 of his beehives there. The bee colonies can build their nests here and produce their honey actively. With these projects, ARGUS makes an important contribution to the natural protection of the environment and biodiversity.