This year, ARGUS is participating in the “Ökoprofit” project in the Paderborn region, in which measures for environmental protection are implemented in relation to corporate profitability.

ÖKOPROFIT – this means “Ecological Project for Integrated Environmental Technology” – a sponsored action for corporate environmental protection. Local municipalities cooperate with local businesses to achieve new measures for environmental protection and resource conservation. The central aim is to reduce operating costs and at the same time promote ecological benefits. Those who avoid waste and conserve resources can relieve the environment and reduce costs at the same time!

Through specialist workshops and individual consultations, the participating companies are trained in environmentally relevant topics. Not only is additional input created, but above all individual goals are defined as to how more sustainability can be profitably integrated into the company. This year, 12 companies from the Paderborn region are taking part, operating in a wide range of sectors. After about one year of project duration, all participating companies are audited by an independent commission and certified by the ECOPROFIT seal.