Cooperation with four engineering technicians
27. March 2023

In the last few weeks, we accompanied four prospective technicians from the Richard von Weizäcker College in Paderborn and carried out a project on our Hall D together. As part of their final thesis to become state-certified technicians in the field of mechanical engineering technology, the four students developed a concept to increase the sustainability… Read more ›

new project: connecting bridge was installed successfully
20. March 2023

For a new construction project in the future, ARGUS will need a connection between production hall H and the neighboring hall C. Once completed, the bridge will allow automatically filled bags of masterbatches to move to the packaging hall. This will significantly optimize the bagging process and palletizing and will also go hand in hand… Read more ›

ARGUS invests in a new and energy-saving lighting system
18. January 2023

ARGUS invests in a new, dynamically controlled hall lighting system in Hall G. The warehouse has been completely lighted by LED panels since the new year. The new lighting system is extremely energy-saving and is controlled via several movement detectors. This means that only those parts of the hall that are actually used are supplied with… Read more ›

ARGUS at K fair 2022
16. November 2022

The leading trade fair for the plastics and rubber industry K2022 took place again at the Düsseldorf exhibition center 70 years after the first edition. According to the official press release, the number of visitors this year amounted to 176,000 from 157 countries. The proportion of international guests was thus consistently high compared to 2019,… Read more ›