New Truck Trailers in ARGUS-Design: Sascha und Helmut Hirsch (Manager ARGUS Additive Plastics GmbH), Michael Kubat (Wirtschaftsförderung Stadt Büren), Christian Hake (Manager CAT marketing GmbH) und Uwe Gläßgen (Heinrich Kottmann Spedition GmbH & Co. KG).

Through a strategic alliance of three companies at the business location Büren, two new trucks of the forwarding company Kottmann with trailers in the eye-catching design of ARGUS Additive Plastics GmbH have been successfully realised. For the local forwarding company, the acquisition of the new vehicles and trailers is a trend-setting step into the future.

Both companies have already been cooperating very successfully for several years. Spedition Kottmann is an important partner for ARGUS in national and international transport - therefore the project with the trailers in ARGUS design is a further sign of the already established corporate partnership. "We are pleased and proud to know that we have a reliable partner in the local economy at our side in the company ARGUS. We are happy to be carrying the torch for Büren as an employer location and would like to use our mobile advertising media to draw attention to career opportunities in Büren as a business location," says Uwe Gläßgen, Managing Director of Spedition Kottmann.

The Büren marketing and trade fair agency CAT marketing GmbH is significantly involved in the implementation of the project. The agency, based in the industrial park at Paderborn/Lippstadt Airport, has already realised considerable exhibition and brand projects with ARGUS. The representative truck design was developed by the specialists of the marketing agency and reflects the brand essence of ARGUS in an outstanding way.

"We want to use the strategic partnership in the industrial area of Büren-West with the close-by freight forwarder Kottmann to further expand the regional visibility of our company with the two new truck trailers. For us, the availability of qualified specialists and managers is linked to the success of our company. We want to present ourselves as a strong employer in the region and continue to promote the label 'Made in Büren'," says Sascha Hirsch, Managing Director of ARGUS Additive Plastics GmbH.

For years, the company ARGUS Additive Plastics GmbH has been an important pillar in the employer landscape at the business location Büren. More than 180 employees are part of the family-owned company located at Oberer Westring in the Büren-West industrial area. ARGUS is a specialist and competent partner in the field of additive and colour masterbatches, which are used in a wide range of plastics applications in everyday life. Since its foundation 28 years ago in Büren, the company has grown significantly: with a total area of over 115,000m², ARGUS is one of the most space-intensive in the Büren area. ARGUS supplies its future-oriented masterbatches to customers worldwide in many areas of the plastics market, setting the highest international quality standards.

"The city of Büren is very interested in strategic partnerships like this. Preferably, other companies should participate in order to form a strong alliance for career opportunities at the Büren location," says Michael Kubat from the Economic Development Department of the City of Büren. For the 2022 training year, ARGUS is still looking for young career starters in the field of process mechanics and warehouse logistics. To start their training, each young talent is provided with an e-scooter by ARGUS. Spedition Kottmann is also regularly on the lookout for qualified employees.