The CORONA pandemic has brought us many new things that are now part of our daily lives - among them are the well-known "protective masks", as medical mask or FFP2-mask.

These are filters made of polypropylene fleeces that remove the finest particles - including particles of dust, viruses or aerosols from the air we breathe. To make this process as effective as possible, the filters are electrostatically charged with the help of special technologies so that even the finest microparticles are stopped. An important part of this "charging" technology is the "electret" - which effectively enables the charging of the filters and keeps the charge stable over a long period of time.

This is where the new electret masterbatch ARGUTEC DIV 1147 PP applies with an excellent and long-lasting filtration effect. Furthermore, it is easy to work with by our customers, which benefits the product quality of the filters.

In addition to its use in filter masks, ARGUTEC DIV 1147 PP is also ideal for industrial filter applications, air conditioning systems, pollen filters in cars and much more.

The new ARGUTEC DIV 1147 PP ensures more safety in many areas of our daily life and work.