Last week we received our first “ÖKOPROFIT”-certificate from north rhine westphalia´s Environment Minister Oliver Krischer and Paderborn District Administrator Christoph Rüther. Together with our member of state parliament and the mayors of the towns of sorrounding cities, we were able to host the award ceremony for this year! Together with 12 other companies, we were honored for our participation in the project “ÖKOPROFIT”. Together with 12 other local companies, we took part in the project for a year in order to implement new measures to protect the environment and conserve resources. We are delighted to be part of this network!

What is “Ökoprofit”? 🌱 Decreasing costs and consumption through energy efficiency!

Improving efficient energy and environmental protection – we analyse and optimise your technology, processes, management systems and strategies. Ökoprofit helps to operate more sustainably, protect the environment and achieve economic benefits at the same time. The main focus is on implementing environmentally friendly measures and reducing costs in the long term