Special times call for special measures. Freely following this motto, the Büren training exhibition "BAM 9.0" took place digitally this year. We welcomed various school classes and interested pupils in the digital classroom. Our training managers Sonja Wenzel and Wilfried Helle were ready to support, as they had been at the fair in previous years.

"Very successful," describes Sonja Wenzel the digital training fair. The advantages of the digital concept were particularly exciting, as several classes could be involved at the same time, which is often difficult in the face-to-face format. With a clear timetable of a presentation time by the companies and a question-and-answer-session by the students, the digital concept was launched for the first time on Friday.  Many different moderators were involved the whole day to guide schools through the programme and to assist immediately with technical problems.

The digital concept also included a free day at the exhibition, as it would have been in the face-to-face event. This gave not only pupils but also interested parents the opportunity to find out about the regional training opportunities.

We invited our trainee Shania for an interview about her training at ARGUS. You can see the whole interview below: