In spring, a new project was implemented at our ARGUS biotope to further promote biodiversity there: two new bat roosts and four new bird boxes were attached to the wall of the warehouse!

At a height of approx. 9 meters, two all-season roosts for bats were hung on the wall of the warehouse, which also has climbing frames for plants. Special insulation provides the animals with safe shelter and protection from overheating or frost all year round. In addition, four nesting boxes for birds were hung. The green houses with entrance holes are ideal for tits, sparrows or nuthatches and offer a constant interior temperature thanks to the special wood concrete.

With the new nesting boxes, another environmental protection measure has been implemented and the area will provide shelter for more species in the future.

As part of a new environmental protection project, an area of approx. 4,000 m² of company grounds was transformed into a unique meadow orchard. In the meantime, a paradise for many animal and plant species has been created here, as well as a seating area for employees. In the middle of the area there is also a natural lake with a size of approx. 500 m2, through which the biotope offers an ideal habitat especially for insects and native bird species. In addition, 22 fruit trees were planted in cooperation with a regional gardening company, including various apple, pear, quince, plum and cherry trees. A small gravel area was created next to the lake. A seating area has been created for employee breaks and outdoor meetings in the summer.