As part of a new energy-saving project, ARGUS invested in a new electricity filter in the spring of 2023 that will significantly reduce electricity consumption in the future.

In cooperation with the company Livarsa, a filter system was installed centrally between the transformer and the low-voltage main distribution. In the future, the efficient current filter will ensure that interference signals coming from operating devices in the network are cleaned up and that less electricity is consumed.

After several months of planning and implementation of preparatory measures, the current filter was successfully put into operation. In February and March, the first measurements of the savings potential were carried out. In a production area that previously consumed around 4,000,000 KWh of electricity per year, an average saving of 4.13% of electricity consumption was achieved. In addition, higher values were already displayed during operation. Thus, a reduction in electricity consumption of about 165,200 KWh per year is expected!

The investment not only ensures a more efficient power supply, but also saves resources, as less electricity is required for all operating resources. The total energy demand in Germany, which is still largely based on the use of fossil fuels, is also reduced, thereby indirectly saving CO2.