The expansion of the renewable energy supply is progressing: In March 2021, another photovoltaic system was started up on the ARGUS grounds.

Construction measures for the new B2 hall complex have already been in progress at the company headquarters on Oberer Westring in Büren since April 2020. Now the photovoltaic system is installed on it and has also been successfully connected to the network. With a total module area of 1,093 m2 , the yield forecast for the new system is approx. 182,000 KWh per year. This CO2-neutral electricity is largely used directly on site at the ARGUS location.

With the investment in the new photovoltaic system on the warehouse, the company’s own electricity production will be further expanded, bringing the total renewable electricity production to around 280,000 KWh per year. The new photovoltaic system thus forms another building block of the diverse climate protection measures at ARGUS.